El Rancho - kenkistler
Torn American Flag

For us photographers with a family and a full time job doing anything other than professional photography, you understand how precious two hours, an hour, even half an hour out with your camera is. My son practices football for two hours almost every night of the week, I typically find myself in the Starbucks closest to the field working on school lesson plans, class grading, or prepping new teaching material. Tonight I decided to throw that to the wind (actually somehow I’d finally gotten ahead on all that), and grab my camera to explore some of the roads near the field.

What I discovered was a worn down old ranch of dubious historic value. The sign for the historical marker grabbed my attention so I pulled over and found myself parked next to a dilapidated adobe style house with a faded sign promising that the state of California would refurbish this critical historic building in the spring of 2003. Unless I missed something, that project was seriously delayed. The building looked fit for housing snakes and the rodents they’d like to feed on and not much else.

The rest of the property held a couple nice surprises for a photographer.A worn red barn, a half century old gas station, and rows of blooming orange trees provided a couple pictures but the real potential came in what might be found and photographed on a lazy afternoon or evening when the threat of scaring my boy that his father had completely forgotten him wasn’t a problem.

Rustic Aging Wooden Door
Sunset over Farm Fields