Enchanted Evening - kenkistler

I love spending time with my wife.

I appreciate every minute.

With three children, especially a 6 week old, we don’t get a lot of quiet time together. Since I am off of school this week and the boys were away on Tuesday, we took the opportunity to go for a drive. We strapped Sadie in her car seat, threw some food and drinks in a container, and made sure the cameras had batteries and memory cards.

Soon we were on the road. We chose west. As we drove across the 126 we talked. We just drove, viewed the countryside, and talked. We talked about work, the kids, the future, the kids, what the Lord has been teaching us, and the kids. We planned out what’s left of the Christmas shopping - which is most of it. Ironically, we didn’t stop and take many pictures. It was just nice to drive and talk.

Just as the sun was ducking over the horizon we reached Ventura. Right about that same time Sadie decided to remind us that she was in the car too, and that she was hungry. I parked along the beach, grabbed my tripod and camera, and wandered out across the dunes wondering if the sun’s setting would produce any nice colors in the evening clouds.

I didn’t have to wonder for long. Soon the sky started showing shades of pastel. Not many minutes later it ignited in color. I composed and shot, recomposed and shot. Off in the distance the Channel Islands silhouetted themselves against the sky. They reminded me that I want to visit them sometime soon.

Finally most the light and color disappeared from the sky. I wandered back to the car to find my daughter was just finishing her meal as well. My wife and I smiled at one another. In marriage, sometimes there is a sweetness in just being together.