Sierra Highway - kenkistler
Golden Oak

Ever have the urge to just get away? The urge strikes me every once in a while. It is a need for me to grab my camera, grab my iPhone, fill the tank with gas, and go. It doesn’t usually matter where I go. I don’t even usually plan. I just want to be out taking pictures. Thankfully I have a gracious wife who can see the struggle and quietly says, “Go, I’ll hold down the fort till you get back.”

This Sunday it only took a few miles to find a place to stop and shoot. The road markers told me I had happened upon the old Historic Route 6. Apparently the route used to cross the entire country until California shuffled the names of its roads a few years back. Now the roads remain, but are all renamed.

I parked in a pull off for Angeles National Forest, slipped my backpack over my shoulders, and a camera strap over my head and hiked off into the brush. Did I find any mind-blowing vistas? No, but it never ceases to amaze me the beauty that can be found only a few miles from home if one is willing to go out and find it.

Leaf in Detail
Historic Route 6 Highway